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Hire Power’s The Resource | March 2021 | The Virtual Edition

Meet our team as we Flip the Script CoVid has robbed us of that “skin-factor” – the feeling you get when you meet someone for the first time. Meeting someone in person is always more interesting than over a telephone call or via email. For our health and yours, our team still prefers to interview […]

Hire Power’s “The Resource” (February 2021) – for the latest in recruitment news and trends.

These Online Job Sites Work! With a plethora of online job sites and company job boards calling out “CLICK HERE TO APPLY“, do you really know which one might work for you? Traditional job hunting activities no longer offer the same potency as before. The world we live in has changed irrevocably, calling for a […]

Hire Power’s “The Resource” | January 2021 | The Kickstart Edition

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Hello all! To those whom we have not had a chance to speak to personally in January, we wish you and your families every success and good health in 2021. Our year has kicked off at warp speed and our mailboxes overfloweth with CV’s from applicants at every level (thanks to the negative effects of […]

The Resource | October 2020 | Issue 7

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The Leadership Edition   The countdown to Summer has begun in earnest and the weather is finally improving. Once again it’s been a productive and encouraging month for our team despite us suffering from a little “screen fatigue” from all the online HR events and webinars attended and video interviews that were conducted. There’s something […]

The Resource | September 2020 | Issue 6

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Amid some uncertainty and the continued disruption from all matters CoVid-19 related, we enter this new season with excitement, anticipation and hopefulness. In this month’s Spring Edition we share how remote working has affected our candidate sourcing methodology. We also explore in brief, how the role of the HR Manager has morphed completely in 6 months. Lastly, our poll shows what you think about returning to work.

Hire Power’s Monthly HR Bulletin | The Resource | August 2020 | Issue 5

August is Women’s Month in South Africa and what an exciting month it has been! Hire Power is made up of a team of incredible women, each at a different age and stage in life.  We have enjoyed putting this month’s epub together.  It’s jam-packed with tips, interviews and insights from a powerful woman in human […]