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5 Reasons to Partner with an Experienced Executive Search Firm | Why we LIKE being different.

“Hire Power differs from most traditional recruitment agencies in its view and orientation when it comes to the Talent Acquisition Process.” Written by Jeannine Dickie We took an intentional step away from the traditional type of transactional recruitment models several years ago and moved to a far more consultative model of supporting our client’s’ HR […]

The Art of Recruiting Top Healthcare Professionals

Group of Nurses

Searching for a Pulse when Recruiting in the Healthcare Sector. – Written by Monique Prince Working as A Recruitment Consultant in South Africa is not for the faint-hearted especially when one considers the devastating effect that the CoVid19 health crisis has wreaked on the global employment outlook for 2020. “Hiring Intentions for Third Quarter Hit […]

Why Sourcing for Software Developers is Like Searching for the Missing Code.

Searching for a needle in a [hay]stack. The Importance of Gaining More INFOrmation and the use of New TECHnology – Written by Kirsty Geyser It comes as no surprise that the industry of Information Technology is growing at an exceedingly rapid pace. The world is turning to the use of technology to assist in efficiency […]

The Resource (May 2020) – for the latest in recruitment news and trends.

Welcome to May, in the rearview mirror. What an up and down time we’ve all been through! Now that we can actually purchase a little something tasty to savour at sunset, it is time to fill up your glass, lean back in your chair and enjoy this month’s publication.  In it we travel to Latvia […]