Hire Power’s “The Resource” (February 2021) – for the latest in recruitment news and trends.

The Birthday Edition

Hire Power’s FREE monthly How-To-Guide for Job Seekers.  Step Two:  Where to look and which job sites to use.

Looking back in history.  The Evolution of the Hire Power brand.

And much more…

These Online Job Sites Work!

With a plethora of online job sites and company job boards calling out “CLICK HERE TO APPLY, do you really know which one might work for you?

Traditional job hunting activities no longer offer the same potency as before. The world we live in has changed irrevocably, calling for a more creative and agile approach to finding employment.

Last month Hire Power launched its wholistic How-To-Guide for Job Seekers. With more than thirty years’ worth of knowledge about helping job seekers find jobs, change jobs, even change careers.  Step Two takes you through the online job application process and focuses on the job sites and resources to use.

We find that applicants don’t understand the inner workings of the recruitment process. By exploring each step in more detail we hope to reduce frustration and complication. Click here ...