“Booking Time off For Books: Reading for Relaxation or Redirection.”

Why is it so important to read? Reading is important because it develops the mind.  The mind is a muscle.  It needs exercise. It’s good for you and it is the foundation to success. In his book “Deep Work” author Carl Newport writes “to remain valuable in our economy you must master the art of […]

Life in My Rear-view Mirror

Looking back at my life as if through a rear-view mirror has been like streaming a YouTube video at x2 speed. Being a South African entrepreneur in the executive search and recruitment space during the pandemic certainly has its challenges, but being a businesswoman, mother, wife, daughter, sister and aunt, takes these challenges to the […]

At Last! The Secret to Helping Young People Choose a Career Path is Revealed

Having worked in Human Resources, as a Recruitment Consultant for more than 25 years, I have seen time and again just how difficult it is for graduates to stick to their chosen field of study.  As a mother to four teenagers, I’ve experienced first-hand how stressful it is for a school leaver needing to choose […]

8 Ways to Promote Diversity and Inclusion as a Business

Helping Companies Make Better Hires There are good reasons why the topic of diversity and inclusion is one of the top recruiting trends in 2021 (and beyond): studies show that diverse, inclusive teams don’t only perform better, but also that they make companies more attractive to potential employees. Discover how you can use diversity management […]

How-To-Guide for Redefining the Candidate Journey: Step 5 – Offers, Contracts and Onboarding

Congratulations and thank you for sticking with us on this job search odyssey!  We have reached Step 5 this month and it’s the final step in the How-To-Guide series. In this simple (but complete) How-To-Guige for Job Seekers, we’ve walked you through the application process from Step 1:  C.V Writing,  Step 2:  Where to Apply […]

How-To-Guide for Redefining the Candidate Journey: Step 4 – How to Get Ahead in Your Job Search through Reference Checks

Read this simple (but complete) guide to understanding how to select the best referees to support your job application, the purpose of reference checks, the POPI (Act) permission, and pitfalls of background checks. Three Actionable Reference Selection Tips: It’s polite and professional to ask for their permission to be listed as a reference contact. Confirm […]