Hire Power’s The Resource | March 2021 | The Virtual Edition

The Virtual Edition

Hire Power’s FREE monthly How-To-Guide for Job Seekers.  Step Three:  How to Master the Art of the Video Interview.

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Meet our team as we Flip the Script

CoVid has robbed us of that “skin-factor” – the feeling you get when you meet someone for the first time. Meeting someone in person is always more interesting than over a telephone call or via email.

For our health and yours, our team still prefers to interview applicants over MS Teams or Zoom, and because we spend most of our time getting to know you, we thought we’d flip the script and tell you more about us.

Kirsty Geyser has been employed at our firm as a Recruitment Consultant for almost two years, and she specialises in the Technical, IT, Supply Chain and Finance sectors. Aside from holding down a full-time job, Kirsty is in her 3rd year of studies towards a BCom. in Strategic Management.  She also LOVES Mexican food!

Monique Prince joined Hire Power 17 years ago after graduating from PE Technikon with a N Dip.: Human Resources Management.  As a Senior Recruitment Consultant her forté lies in sourcing top talent for the Healthcare, Pharma and Call Centre sectors. She’s a devote wife and mother to two beautiful daughters.

10 Tips on How to Master the Art of the Video Interview

For several months in 2020, face to face meetings were not permitted (well at least not during the L5 and L4 lockdown periods).

Virtual interviews have become increasingly popular over the years, but this is yet another stage in the recruitment process that has changed drastically due to the pandemic. After conducting thousands of hours of video interviews in the last 18 months, we noticed a few trouble spots.

Applicants don’t realise the importance of proper planning for a video interview.

It’s no longer only about rehearsing possible answers to potential interview questions. To ensure that applicants make the best first impression, they have to understand this new “interview environment” and prepare and practice their delivery BEFORE the interview date.

We have created a Virtual Interview Cheat Sheet to help you carry out our interview with ease and confidence.

Hire Power Launches Training Academy

Offering Soft Skills training to corporates and the public in Q2 and Q3 of 2021.

We have small group workshops and online courses available on various topics.  One-on-one coaching sessions for individual in career transition.

75 minute and 90 minute session.  Include interactive discussions and many free resources for delegates.

Contact Jeannine Dickie for pricing and the training schedule.