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7 Elements to Introduce into an Executive Resume

Business people conference in modern meeting room

“Fluid” does not begin to describe the state of the global labour market in 2021.  Without rehashing the turmoil that the past 12 months has lashed upon global economies, some managers and executives find themselves fighting job security or worse still, a job lost. In 2021, it is no longer about who is most qualified. […]

Why Sourcing for Software Developers is Like Searching for the Missing Code.

Searching for a needle in a [hay]stack. The Importance of Gaining More INFOrmation and the use of New TECHnology – Written by Kirsty Geyser It comes as no surprise that the industry of Information Technology is growing at an exceedingly rapid pace. The world is turning to the use of technology to assist in efficiency […]

The Effects of Working From Home Under SA CoVid19 Lockdown

Remote Working in South Africa

“I can’t come now. I’m on [another] ZOOM call!” South Africa recruiters share their recent experiences – can you relate?   RECRUITMENT CONSULTANT – Port Elizabeth & Surrounds Kirsty-May Geyser gives her point of view Walking a fine line between her work, studies and domestic duties. “In the days leading up to the Covid-19 national […]