Why Sourcing for Software Developers is Like Searching for the Missing Code.

Searching for a needle in a [hay]stack. The Importance of Gaining More INFOrmation and the use of New TECHnology

– Written by Kirsty Geyser

It comes as no surprise that the industry of Information Technology is growing at an exceedingly rapid pace. The world is turning to the use of technology to assist in efficiency and effectivity in all aspects of business operations. With the 4th Industrial Revolution rearing its head, both organisations and job seekers alike, should prepare themselves for what is to come. Even throughout the rapid decline in our economic climate, this sector seems to prevail and professionals in the industry remain in high demand. A previous study done by Career Junction showed that the demand in South Africa during the Covid19 pandemic for IT professionals have remained concentrated and stable. The study also showed that there were not nearly enough of a supply of IT professionals in the job market to combat the high demand.

From a previous search for Software Developers by our firm, it is evident that there is a definite shortage of individuals in this sector, but man oh man, when you find the needle in the haystack, the search proves to be worth it every time. The passion and knowledge that come with these IT professionals are outstanding. Once I’ve got them talking about Javascript and C#, the conversation of problem solving could go on forever, I am left with my mouth hanging open. Their innovative and task driven approach just shows that this is not just a job to them, but rather something that they thoroughly enjoy doing.

How come, a sector with so much opportunity and demand continues to have a shortage of qualified individuals in the job market? Should we assume that students, when choosing their career paths, are more inclined to choose something in the business field, or is it that the new work force are not being fully informed and properly prepared at secondary education level of the new and exciting world of Information Technology?  Either way, an individual be it in any sector, should skill themselves in the use of technology, as technology is adaptable and you will never know how it might work for you and your organisation to increase speed, productivity, or maybe even save you a few pennies.

One thing is for certain, this proves to be a great sector to be employed in as opportunities with a high horizon line and the return is one that most might find desirable.

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