5 Reasons to Partner with an Experienced Executive Search Firm

“Hire Power differs from most traditional recruitment agencies in its view and orientation when it comes
to the Talent Acquisition Process.”

Written by Jeannine Dickie

We took an intentional step away from the traditional type of transactional recruitment models several years ago and moved to a far more consultative model of supporting our client’s’ HR and Acquisition needs. We are not a “meat market”.  There’s no room for a shotgun approach to talent acquisition in the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

Recruitment or Talent Sourcing as it is now known is a sophisticated process driven
by access to a specific talent pool, good candidate and industry information, timing in the market, and the Hiring Company’s staffing budget.

Our speciality lies in 25 years of recruitment, as we  bridge the gap in the talent landscape by acting as end-to-end facilitators and partners to HR for the entire talent acquisition process, a little like being “custodians” of the potential relationship between the hiring organisation and its team and the prospective employee.

Over the last 12 months, Hire Power SA & Talentor South Africa, has been very successful in the placement of candidates at executive and specialist level.  These roles range from an HR Executive Director at a global multinational organisation, to specialised Professional Engineers in the food processing sector; specialist Manufacturing Managers in the chemical industry and most recently we launched a search for a Head of Customer Service in the B2B and B2C retail market segment.

Talent Sourcing at this level requires absolute focus, agility, and experience on the part of the Recruiter.  These searches were concluded on a retained search basis.  Beginning with in-depth consultation around gaining the correct understanding of the roles to be played by both the Hiring Company and the  Recruiter. Followed by further consultation around the type of person that was needed to fit the vacancy and the Company.  Upon completion of the headhunting and direct searches (across platforms such as LinkedIn, Glassdoor etc.) all applications are screened (I prefer to use old school techniques rather than relying upon AI to filter my applications).  This hands-on approach helps to build up valuable market information about the availability to applicants in a specific market segment and an understanding of the depth of skill of the prospective candidate pool.

The names of the candidates displaying potential are placed on a long list and then interviews being in earnest.  The Hiring Manager is presented with a detail Candidate Matrix which is used to determine the final shortlist. The next phase is the most exciting one for me – the actual interview. It is during this phase that the relationship between the Hiring Company Manager and Recruiter gains traction.  I have had the privilege of sitting in on panel interviews (as an observer), from start to end and I thoroughly enjoy seeing the whole recruitment process come to fruition.

The post-interview debriefing sessions are informative, and it is in these sessions, that my knowledge of the market place and individual candidate insights play an import role in supporting the overall selection process.

5 Reasons why we LIKE working this way

I invite you to get in touch with me directly if you would like assistance with your next search or if you wish to find out more about our services.


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