How social-distancing is changing the way Recruiters work

Social distancing and recruitment

If you are unfamiliar with The Bump, Kicker, Elbow, Checker or even the Namaste then you need to update your soft skills for the business sector in our new way of working. This new and safer way to meet and greet both client and colleagues is a very useful tool to deformalize interactions and serve […]

Are you a Corona Couch-Slouch?

CV typing services

Don’t be a Couch-Slouch!  Use this time wisely. Hire Power is not just a Recruitment firm, but we also offer a 360-degree turnkey HR solution.  Be that clever candidate who uses this time to detox their CV and LinkedIn profile. Be that HR-savvy employer who takes practical measures to realign their company’s organisational structure and […]

How Hire Power Plans to Navigate the Co-Vid Conundrum

Safety precautions with COVID19

Although it is business as usual in our offices across the country, Hire Power has implemented the following containment measures in support of doing what we can to try to contain the spread of this virus: Our focus is to assist candidates through digital channels– we will continue with interviews via Zoom, Skype and WhatsApp. […]

Lessons Learnt Over 2 Decades in the Recruitment Industry

Lessons learnt in the Recruitment Industry.

“ Twenty years ago, our tools of the trade were the telephone, a well-leafed Yellow Pages and a fax machine.” The Recruitment landscape has changed significantly since February 2000, when Hire Power first opened its doors for business.  Old school recruitment involved extensive cold calling, large typing pools and long lines of applicants who had […]

The “GAP YEAR” – Should you pack your bags and take one?

People speaking about taking a gap year

At some point in their lives, many Matriculants (Grade 12’s) and Students in present-day South Africa have to face the “what next” question. Some leave school without any sense of direction and others face the employment equity issue, others go straight into work, finding a job via a recruitment agency, for instance finishing school and […]

Go BIG or go HOME baby! 7 changes in 3 months.

Hire Power Vacancies

We’ve been busy! Hire Power has undergone notable change and impressive growth in Q2 of 2019, with many exciting new interventions already underway. We thought we’d share these milestones with you. Many of you met us when we still worked from our suburban Mill Park premises. To provide us with better visibility and with easier […]

HOW TO Tips: 12 Typical Interview Questions

Hire Power - Candidate Placement

Hire Power Interview tips: the below interview tips and questions will help you establish what to expect and how to answer! What are your best personality/character traits i.e. Strengths? What are your worst characteristics i.e. Weakness or areas of development In the Workplace: What motivates you to perform well? Give an example. What demotivates you? […]

HOW TO Tips 101 – Preparing for the INTERVIEW

Interview tips image

Five easy steps to remember This is not rocket science, but you can’t believe how many applicants get this wrong! Be prepared – have an up-to-date, correct and comprehensive, hard copy CV on hand. (Don’t forget your supporting documentation). Take along the original and a copy of each of these documents – ID, Driver’s License, […]