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Hire Power’s “The Resource” | January 2021 | The Kickstart Edition

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Hello all! To those whom we have not had a chance to speak to personally in January, we wish you and your families every success and good health in 2021. Our year has kicked off at warp speed and our mailboxes overfloweth with CV’s from applicants at every level (thanks to the negative effects of […]

7 Elements to Introduce into an Executive Resume

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“Fluid” does not begin to describe the state of the global labour market in 2021.  Without rehashing the turmoil that the past 12 months has lashed upon global economies, some managers and executives find themselves fighting job security or worse still, a job lost. In 2021, it is no longer about who is most qualified. […]

Resume Writing How-To-Guide for Mid-Level Professionals

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The biggest conundrum facing applicants at this level is having to condense years’ worth of experience, skills, and qualifications, without negating key aspects or skills that might take them into the next level of their career. This is why it is imperative for the mid-level professional to understand their skills and know exactly how to […]

How-To C.V Writing Tips for Entry-Level Candidates

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How does Sihle create a future-fit resumé that can get her noticed for a new role in 2021 and beyond? Sihle (*not her real name) recently graduated from university.  She has a completed a tertiary diploma but has not worked in a permanent position before.  Whilst attending high school Sihle assisted at a small day […]

How-To-Guide for Redefining the Candidate Journey: Step 1- C.V. Writing

Candidate Journey

With the chaos and mayhem that changed the way we live, earn, and relate to others in the new decade, and after screening through no less than several thousand C.V.’s (since the rush into 2021),  Hire Power is here to tell you that we are going to share with you (for free),  our new, wholistic […]