How-To-Guide for Redefining the Candidate Journey: Step 1- C.V. Writing

Candidate Journey

With the chaos and mayhem that changed the way we live, earn, and relate to others in the new decade, and after screening through no less than several thousand C.V.’s (since the rush into 2021),  Hire Power is here to tell you that we are going to share with you (for free),  our new, wholistic How-To-Guide.  With more than thirty years’ worth of knowledge about helping job seekers finding jobs, changing jobs, even changing careers. and which tools and what resources are best suited to do so, this how-to guide is useful to all applicants, from entry-level graduates to highly experienced executives.

We find that applicants really don’t understand the inner workings of the recruitment process, so by explaining each step in more detail we hope to reduce your frustration and clarify any vagaries on the matter.

The January edition of our free monthly E-pub, entitled “The Resource”  is a fun and informative source of all things recruitment-related.  In the January 2021 – The Kickstart Edition, we set off on Redefining the Candidate Journey”: – Step One:  C.V. Writing.  We share insights on modern formatting, keyword, and skills content,  what data is relevant and what you should rather not include.  In it you’ll find out what topics we’ll be covering in the next month’s article and also learn more about the individuals that make up the Hire Power team.  Just click here to receive your copy monthly free copy of “The Resource”.

So, let’s get to the point of this article…

Follow the stories of Sihle, Paul, and Malcolm.  Sihle is a recent university graduate.  Paul is well into his working career as an IT Engineer;  and Malcolm, is a highly qualified Supply Chain Manager within a global Multinational Corporation (MNC).  Because they are at different stages in their working careers, it stands to reason that their approach to preparing for a job application is very different.

This is where you are allowed to skip to the profile that best matches your own.  Just click on Sihle, Paul or Malcolm’s images to begin.

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