HOW TO Tips 101 – Preparing for the INTERVIEW

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Five easy steps to remember

This is not rocket science, but you can’t believe how many applicants get this wrong!

  1. Be prepared – have an up-to-date, correct and comprehensive, hard copy CV on hand. (Don’t forget your supporting documentation). Take along the original and a copy of each of these documents – ID, Driver’s License, tertiary qualifications, pay slip and references etc.
  2. Don’t be that “NO-SHOW “applicant – show up for your interview and be ON TIME!!! The Recruiter books an interview time slot JUST FOR YOU, so don’t waste their time, or tarnish your reputation before you’ve even met your Recruiter.
  3. Dress and behave accordingly – no tattoos or body piercings on display. Ladies and gents – less is more.  A classical interview outfit will suffice. Ask your Recruiter about their client’s culture and working environment, and dress accordingly. Remove all hats, caps and sunglasses BEFORE entering the interview venue.  No chewing of gum or sweets either! Put our mobile phone OFF, or at the very least on SILENT (not vibrate).
  4. Body language! Don’t slouch in your chair or sniff or talk on your phone whilst in the waiting area. Be kind to the Receptionist and anyone else who walks past you. Often, these individuals are the gatekeepers who act as “scouts”.  Their opinion of you counts.
  5. “SHOTGUN” applications don’t work.  Be clear on which position you are applying for and remember who you’ve applied to. More often than not, a client will approach more than one recruitment agency to source suitable candidates. If you’ve already applied for position X, through Recruiter A, don’t try to apply for position X, through Recruiter B and/or C.  This creates confusion in the marketplace and may also “dilute” your profile in the eyes of the client.


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