How-To-Guide for Redefining the Candidate Journey

Congratulations and thank you for sticking with us on this job search odyssey!  We have reached Step 5 this month and it’s the final step in the How-To-Guide series.

In this simple (but complete) How-To-Guide for Job Seekers, we’ve walked you through the application process from Step 1:  C.V Writing,  Step 2:  Where to Apply for Jobs, Step 3:How to Master the Video Interview, and Step 4: How to Get Ahead through Reference Check.  Find all our other “How-To-Guide” articles for these steps.

“You’ve got the job!”.  These are such magical, life-changing words! However, securing the opportunity is the first step towards success, but what happens next?

Step 1: Cost To Company

It is not uncommon for candidates to misunderstand the terms Cost to Company Package and Gross Salary.  And it’s not your fault.  Remuneration and Compensation structures differ vastly from company to company and industry to industry.

Download the PDF version of this table CTC vs Gross Salary

Step 2  – Review and Sign In

Review and sign in acceptance of the offer.  Once you’ve signed the document (either physically or electronically), return it in PDF format to Hire Power or if you are not working with a recruitment firm, directly to the hiring company.

Confirm in writing, that you have tendered your resignation and confirm your commencement date.

Step 3 – Be Prepared

Be prepared.  You should gather the following information and have it on hand (electronic documents are easier to work with but there is every chance that your employer will want to view the original too).

Your new employer will need these to load your profile onto their payroll system.  Hand the hard copies to your HR Officer.

Step 4 – Keep In Contact

Keep in contact with your recruitment consultant in the period running up to your first day on the job – don’t ghost your top fan now that you’ve signed on the bottom line. 

Recruiters often have great insights into your new employer’s working environments, cultural activities, and working policies – allaying any fears and potentially answering any questions ahead of your big day! You might want clarity on attire/uniform and have questions about access control, parking and so on.

Step 5 – The BIG Day!

Be on time, look professional, pack a healthy lunch (remember to take your spoon and mug ;-). And remember your notebook to take down important points or questions to raise during your Induction session.

Please familiarise yourself with the organisation’s policies and procedures, e.g. CoVid19 Protocols, Code of Conduct, Work From Home/Hybrid Work policies, Restraints of Trade, IT policies, employee share scheme policies etc.

Stay in regular contact with your recruitment consultant during the initial period. She/he can assist you during this transition period by acting as the link between you and your new employer. And here at Hire Power, we are always very keen to share in your success and celebrate your happiness.

Strive for progress, not perfection.  Give yourself time to settle into the flow of your new job. It could take a few months to get to grips with your roles and responsibilities. Learn and work at a steady pace; ask lots of questions (refer to your training notes and notebook when necessary), and take part in company life.

Wishing you every success in your new role!