2 thoughts on “Don’t know where to start? Use our Free CV Template

  1. Miranda says:

    I started working in 2003 I would like to know must I include all my working history of 16 years ago? Or how many years backward must I count ?

    • Jeannine Dickie says:

      Hi there.

      Thanks for your question and it’s a relevant one. The answer usually depends on the skills called for in the vacancy that you are applying for.
      No CV is or should be the same – there is NO magic bullet or one size fits all. It’s very important to include ALL your information and to slant your CV appropriately. The Recruiter takes as little as 7 seconds to screen a CV! Remember, always write your CV in such a manner that it highlights the skills that the Recruiter needs to see straight away. Some of your Employers will, therefore, have more bullet points than others. So you need to match your CV to the vacancy and not try to bombard the Recruiter with irrelevant info, aka “Noise”. What also helps us, is when applicants bold print their achievements as they relate to the advertised position.

      Hope this advice helps.


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